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Australian Medical Ship MV YWAM PNG begins Health services in PNG

Australian medical and training ship, MV YWAM PNG has departed for the Gulf Province today on a two-week journey to carry out its free medical services to people and implement its capacity-building programs for rural health workers.
From the Gulf, MV YWAM will voyage to the following provinces - Western, Central, Milne Bay, and Oro with its final trip to Morobe on the 19th of June 2016.
The voyage was officially launched yesterday evening by National Planning Minister, Charles Abel, former prime minister and YWAM PNG patron, Sir Rabbie Namaliu and YWAM Managing Director, Ken Mulligan.
The MV YWAM features a new dentistry clinic and day procedure unit, which can facilitate four dentists and two surgeons operating at once while additional mobile teams run primary health care and optometry clinics ashore.
The new clinical space will also create space for Papua New Guinean dentists, ophthalmologists, and dental and ophthalmic students to gain experience, training, and support alongside YWAM Medical Ships volunteers.
There are about 150 people on board, which comprises of 100 active volunteers from 16 countries and 50 crew members.
The medical volunteers will offer primary health care, dental, optometry and ophthalmology clinics.
Minister Abel said the government through the National Planning Department has put K5.5 million to assist YWAM implement its services.
“Other provincial governments where MV YWAM will travel to have put K500’000 and more as well, including various business houses locally and internationally, and I hope all that money has come in because it’s a very worthy cause.”
“We admit the government is struggling with delivering health and education services given the country’s geographical challenges and that’s why it’s smart to have innovative and smart engagements with organizations like YWAM to assist the government deliver,” Minister Abel said.
Photo caption(s): 1. Planning Minister, Charles Abel rining the bell the signal the launch of MV YWAM PNG voyage to Gulf. 2. The MV YWAM PNG anchored at the ACP Wharf in Downtown.
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