January 19, 2016

Tomscoll lashes out against Conn

The Agriculture Minister, Tommy Tomscoll has in a 3 page statement lashed out against the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, David CONN emphasising that the Mr Conn did not represent the people of PNG especially with calls for him to step down as Minister regarding the move by the Minister to ban imported vegetables through various companies. Mr Tomscoll says Mr Conn, through the Chamber of Commerce represents largely foreign owned business operating in PNG and these people are not registered in the PNG population census data and therefore do not have the mandate to call for the removal of leaders. The Minister went further, to say that Mr Conn has no direct evidence that someone died because of the lack of vegetables like carrots and onion. He adds that the Lyden Logistics Nuigini Limited is the company involved in the Transportation of materials during the construction of the PNG LNG project in Hela Province and that there was nothing suspicious about the company.