Social Media distracts bright students in PNG

Students in Papua New Guinea are facing bigger challenges  as the use of social media is distracting them from their studies.

Director for the Port Moresby Matriculation studies Mr Norman Sike says there a lot bright students in secondary schools but they are spending more time on these latest trends of technology that they no longer prioritize their studies.
“Many talented students are not doing well to get into higher institutions due to so much distraction from social media and other latest technology”
“ We have to constantly remind students that you may be smart and have the knowledge and skills but if don’t put in the hard work than your selections to Higher Institutions is not guaranteed “ said Mr Sike.
He said, smart students need to study like any other average students but it is not the case as more of these bright students are losing focus on their long term goals of being successful and educated Papua New Guineans.
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