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Prime Minister's Office to relocate to Marea Haus (Pineaple Building)

Renovated Iconic Marea Haus in Central Waigain City Center in Port Moresby. Photo credit: Jaynee Wapea
The Prime Minister’s Department is to move into the new-look Marea Haus (Pineapple Building) by the end of this month, says deputy secretary Trevor Meauri.
The iconic Marea Haus or more popularly known as the Pineapple Building, which has been obsolete for the last 20 years, will be ready after a K90 million facelift.
The 12–storey structure is being built under a tax-credit scheme arrangement with Oil Search Limited, which also covers the Lloyd Robson Oval and the Central Government Building.
The contractor was L&A Construction, a local company, with the majority of workers being Papua New Guineans.
“Marea Haus is basically completed,” Meauri told The National.
“The contractor is going through the process of certification that the building is now fit for occupancy.
“They’re checking the water system, the electrical, everything that works in the building.”
“By January 18 or 19, they will fully certify the building for occupancy.”
“The week beginning after those dates, they’ll begin the process of handing over the building to us. We expect to occupy Marea Haus on January 27,” he said.
Meauri said the entire Prime Minister’s Department would move there, with the Prime Minister to occupy the top floor.
He said the National Executive Council Secretariat would also be housed at Marea Haus.
“It’s pretty sound,” Meauri said.
“I’m not an engineer, but talking to the project engineers from Oil Search, the safety standard is really up to world-standard.”
“Marea Haus is one of the three impact projects of Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc.” Meauri said.

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