January 5, 2016

Police Service is Free in PNG : Gesa

"Police service in PNG  is provided for free to the people without any policemen or woman demanding for payments from the public for doing their jobs."
This was the response from Provincial Police Commander for Sandaun, Chief Inspector Robert Gesa, when responding to complaints raised by people in the Palai LLG of Nuku District, concerning certain police officers demanding payments from the locals before coming to do policing work in the area.
PPC Gesa told this station today that he is not aware of this and has warned his officers to stop doing this practice.
"Police work is a public service to the people and no officer should be demanding payments from the people in doing their legal duties," said PPC Gesa.
Gesa has urged the locals in the province to bring their complaints to him if such matter arises or if they know any of the officers doing this bad practice.
Furthermore, during the Christmas and New Year period, Sandaun Province was very quiet, but there was only few incidences reported of a murder, a robbery and a rape in one of the outer districts in the province as the information regarding these incidence is very sketchy at this time, according the PPC Robert Gesa.
PPC Gesa also made it known that during this time communication in the area was very terrible.
"Signals from both mobile companies, Digicel and Bmobile-Vodaphone were down, our landlines was off and even the police radio communication signals were totally out," said Mr Gesa.
"This has caused a hard time for police to attend to cases around the province and to make matters worse, the Vanimo Police station is shutdown now as I'm operating outside of office due to a prolong power outage," said PPC Gesa.
However, the Mr Gesa has thanked his hardworking policemen and women for making this festive season and New Year in the province and peaceful one and also thanked the people of West Sepik for showing a much more mature and sensible behavior in their celebrations right across the province.