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PNG's Oro Governor Gary Juffa condemns rape of American tourist

Oro governor Gary Juffa has expressed disgust over the pack rape incident along the Kokoda Track on Monday that involved an American couple who were also tortured.
“I am sincerely sorry for what has happened to this couple, such incidents are completely unheard of along the Kokoda Trail and this a first of its kind that a rape incident has occurred and I’m quite shocked by this incident,”
He says incidents like this one could’ve been avoided if the Prime Minister would’ve come through with the promised funding meant for security along the Kokoda Track.
“The Prime Minister made a pledge in 2013 to improve Tourism Policing after the attack on Tourists and potters at the Black Cat trail in the Morobe province but that never eventuated at all”
Governor Juffa is now taking ownership in making sure security is provided and he’s already in discussion with his Provincial Executive Council to come up with a strategy that can provide security along the track.
“The PEC has made a decision that we are going to impose a trekking fee so the fees will be used to maintain the safety and security of our tourists and others that are using the track” said Governor Juffa.
Meanwhile Governor Juffa said, security in the country is becoming a major concern with the ever increasing number of violence happening throughout the country and he is calling on the government to take responsibility of the situation and do something about it.
“It’s not the Kokoda Track incident only that we are talking about, but the entire country is facing a major security issue here”
“There’s violence against women and girls and there’s violence against our tourists! When are we actually going do something about this growing issue” said Governor Juffa. PNGFM / ONE PNG
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