Published On:January 16, 2016
Posted by Staff Report

Oral Health Care with Colgate bright Smiles, bright future

The country needs a lot of change in attitude when it comes to Oral health care and personal hygiene compared to the rest of the world, and this is just what Colgate is doing in partnership with the National Health Department in rolling out the year long Colgate bright smiles bright future program.
According to Dr. Gregory Mainao who is the Technical Chief Advisor for Oral Health Care with the National Department of Health, "money is needed to roll out programs like the Colgate bright smiles bright future program to teach the public however through the Colgate program younger and older generations can be taught on oral health."
The Colgate Bright smile bright future along with the National Department of Health to held a free oral check up for the public at Stop and Shop Central Waigani at 10am and ended at 2pm.


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