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More Un-licensed PMV Operators & Crew Without Permits in Port Moresby

Traffic authorities in Port Moresby impound about 500 vehicles per year, according to a Traffic Inspector employed with the Central Provincial Transport Authority, CPTA.

Traffic Officer Mr. Kirip says private motor vehicles, PMVs, engaged in the business of charging fees for public transport, usually account for the bulk of impounded vehicles
“We mostly target PMV operators who possess illegal plate numbers and change them from time to time,” Mr. Kirip said.
Kirip further mentioned the importance of PMV operators having legal documents to conduct their daily business activities.
“Bus drivers and their crews must have necessary credentials, such as a Class 6 driving license with a PMV permit and crew with permits to legally do business on public road and most times we find that this isn’t adhered to,” Kirip explained.
Other PMVs such as taxi operators who do not have the paperwork to support their operations are targeted by CPTA as well.
Mr. Kirip says CPTA and Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited, MVIL, conduct most road check-ups with assistance from police.
“Every year, there seems to be an increase in the amount of road offenders, in the likes of, unlicensed drivers, cars that are either unregistered or have outdated registration,” Kirip said.

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