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The National Development Bank Investments (NDBI) has provided an option to the business of owning a food bar in Port Moresby city.
According to NDBI CEO, Des Yaninen, the new initiative called Meals on Wills provides those wanting to do business selling food by cannot afford owning a shop a much easier and cheap way to do it. The idea is to have people own a kitchen on wheels to sell food to customers from.
“It’s a fully kitted kitchen on wheels that you can tow around and we plan to launch this project from the middle to the end of February,” said Yaninen.
“Some of the initial cash flow projection that one of these can make is up to K500 a day and in a year you can make as much as K100, 000.”
Those interested in the mini caravan food sellers can purchase one from NDBI or apply for a loan with the bank to get one.
This project comes under NDBI’s Stret Pasin Business Scheme and is introduced to address the issue of market accessibility, where it is too expensive for Papua New Guineans to rent a shop to operate from.
Currently there are six of these kitchens on wheels available, but due to the overwhelming demand from the public, NDBI is looking at getting some more in preparation for the launching.
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