January 30, 2016

Governor's walk supports fight against cervical cancer

The Governor’s Walk for Life awareness here in the Nation’s Capital this morning was dedicated to the fight against Cervical Cancer.
A good number of people took time out from the daily routines to part in the awareness walk starting from the Jack Pidik Park down to the Amph Theatre at Ela Beach.
The main message this morning was for every women and girls to take this epidemic seriously as many are dying from the deadly disease and must go for screening check-ups to avoid becoming victims.
Dr Lutty Amos who is heading the HPV Vaccination Programme clarified to the women and girls that when they say screening, it does not mean that they have to be sick to go for a screening but it is just checking up on oneself to be medically safe from the disease.
She said the sick goes to the hospital to be treated and diagnosed.
Governor Powes Parkop commend Dr Amos for her tireless efforts in addressing Cervical Cancer and taking a step forward with the awareness yesterday and presented a K100, 000 cheque to her for the establishment of the Kone Cervical Cancer Clinic and another K200, 000 cheque for the roll out of the HPV Vaccination program for women and girls.
The Governor told the people to make use of what is now available for them and he also gave his assurance to continue the fight against Cervical Cancer and other health issues in the city. PNGFM