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215 two-year old kava plants sold at vt255, 000 in Vanuatu

A farmer from Tanna, Tom Saba, is selling his 215 two-year old kava plants at his Teouma suburban plot at a price of Vt255,000.

Money earned from the sale will allow him to pay the tuition fees of his three children, help them complete studies and meet his family living expenses.

The local farmer who has two sons and a daughter said the only way to raise money for his children fees is to depend on gardening.

His eldest will be sitting year seven this year at the Epauto Adventist School in Port Vila while others are still in primary school.

Saba said selling the entire kava plants would enable him to complete the entire fees for this year  before he starts farming for next year’s tuition.

Crops like banana, manioc and taro grown in the kava plot are also negotiable to anyone who wants to purchase.

Mr Sabo said he is happy to continue to look after the kava plants for a few more years until they are mature to be harvested.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post
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