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Economic diversification vital, say US Ambassador Walter North

US Ambassador to PNG Walter North says Economic diversification is vital to ensure there is contribution to development from all sectors of the country

North said there needed to be an upgrading of infrastructure in rural areas to assist economic growth. 
“The Government has made a commitment and they want to improve infrastructure by having good quality roads and services which would be helpful to small economies,” North said. “These are helpful as they can then get their products to the market at a more affordable cost.”
North said investment in education policies, internet access and women would also ensure that development was scattered.

“I don’t think creating barriers for limiting sectors to domestic investment is healthy to do,” he said.
North said it was disappointing to see that internet access in PNG continued to be downplayed.
He said this had limited the opportunity for young people to be engaged in the economy through job opportunities.

“There has been a failure by Government to create a regulatory environment which favors affordable internet access,” he said.
North said while there had been so much talk by Government to improve internet access through fiber optic cables, there still was no sign of progress being made.

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