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ABG will not support women who look after babies from outsiders after the conflict

The ABG will not support babies born to Bougainville women from fathers who members of the Peace Monitoring Group and other visitors to Bougainville after the Bougainville war.

This was the bold response from the ABG Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA made during the ABG Parliament session .

He said although the government can sympathize with these women, it was their own will to have affairs with these men and they should look after their kids.

MR. NISIRA made these remarks when responding to calls by the Woman member representing Central Bougainville women, MARCHELLINE KOKIAI who wanted the ABG to support war widows and also widows of the living struggling out their in the villages.

The Vice President said that the government will help the War widows through a policy that will come from the Community Development Department soon

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