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MOROBE will push for autonomy, says Governor Naru

Morobe Province will push for autonomy to manage its affairs. This was revealed by Morobe Governor Kelly Naru to the media.
And the province is already getting its professionals versed in the process to study and research it for the Morobe Government to activate, he said.

Mr Naru told two groups of protesting Morobeans that their call for Morobe to push for autonomy is made stronger by feelings of the people and further strengthened by the unequal distribution of development budget by the National Government.

He added that it is the way forward for the province to fully develop its natural and human assets.

The protesters, who had brought Lae to a standstill for two days last week, had given a list of 12 demands in their petition, including a push for autonomy for Morobe.

Mr Naru said that the time is right for Morobe to push for autonomy and for Morobe to stand on its own.

Big business opportunities and developments that the National Government has initiated in Lae and Morobe Province have gone to foreigners and outsiders.

It is unfair and an unjust way of doing business and Morobe cannot allow this to go on.

Mr Naru said that the Lae Tidal Basin Project and the Nadzab-Lae Four-Lane Highway are projects that have slipped past Morobeans through the National Government.

He said that the National Government’s failure to listen to the pleas of local stevedoring companies on multi-billion kina Lae Port also gives another rise to the autonomy call.

"Our local landowner companies have been successfully moving cargoes and meeting economic demands of the country at the Lae Port and now the National Government wants to take that away," he added.

The Morobe Provincial Government will not allow that to happen and if autonomy can assist by going away from that idea then it will be done.

"I feel sorry for Papua New Guinea but Morobe has been taken for ride for far too long," Mr Naru said.

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