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Fat people at risk, says NCD Governor Powes Parkop

FAT people are described as potential candidates for lifestyle diseases, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says.
He said being fat was dangerous and those who in this situation need to take part in exercise to be fit and healthy.
Parkop said even the Government should educate people on staying healthy.
He said the government was failing to run health training and basic health education and so people were eating “anything they like”.
“There must be some control over your life of what you eat and how you live,” Parkop said.
He said the Government was focusing on infrastructure, groundbreaking ceremonies and development but not focusing on educating people on living a healthy lifestyle.
“This is not discrimination, I want you to live healthy and live long.
“Fats are not good, you have to do regular exercises and make yourself fit,” Parkop said. 
He said fat people were potentialcandidates of lifestyle diseases because they eat anything and do not do regular exercises.
“My vision and dream is I do not want to die from sickness or diseases at a very young age.
“The choice is within you and you have to make it happen.” He said people must not ignore it but look at ways to reduce health risks and aim at living to be more than 100 years.
“If you think you want to live to that ripe age, then start changing your lifestyle and look after your health,” Parkop said.
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