Teenager thanks Air Niugini

Meet 23 year old Hannah Hola from Kukipi village in Malalaua , Gulf Province.

Like any teenager, Hannah is still on the path to discovering herself and involving in activities like painting are some things she does to keep herself busy.

Early this month, young Hannah was at Air Niugini Head office at 7 mile with her priced possession, a framed traditional tribal painting which took her two weeks to complete.

She presented the painting to Air Niugini Management as a token of her appreciation to Air Niugini  who was her father’s employer for the last 36 years.

Hannah’s father, Oafeope Hola was a workshop foreman who commenced employment with Air Niugini on 2nd January 1979 and retired 07th August 2015.

“My father doesn’t know, I am doing this. I want to say thank you to ANG for what the airline did to my father and also for the life as a child of an ANG employee. My family travelled a lot locally and overseas. This would have not been possible without Air Niugini.”

Hannah also recalls the Christmas parties and family gatherings at her father’s workplace and the familiar sounds of airplanes which she grew up listening to.

“Air Niugini has impacted a lot on my life, I came here with my dad as a child and grew up with Air Niugini. Although, I will still hear and see the aeroplanes, the difference now is that my family is no longer part of Air Niugini, since my father left.  And now that we are no longer part of Air Niugini, flying Air Niugini always brings back fond and enjoyable memories”

Air Niugini General Manager – Human Resource, Rei Logona received the painting on behalf of ANG management. He acknowledged young Hannah for such a gesture.

“It’s very heartening to see a young person doing this, particularly through her own initiative. It goes to show that Hannah as a child of an ex Air Niugini employer values greatly the relationship between her father and family and Air Niugini. This is indeed a unique and unprecedented gesture. “

The length of Mr Hola’s service also demonstrates that Air Niugini is a great employer and a good corporate citizen that takes care of its employees.
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