October 12, 2015

Man stabbed to death, 9 homes razed

 NINE houses were destroyed and an elderly man was stabbed to death after he unintentionally drove off and left a three-year-old boy sprawling on the ground.
The incident started at Bundi Camp area in Lae on Monday last week.
Traffic officer in-charge Const John Konana said: “A male child was leaning against a vehicle when the driver unknowingly drove off and the child fell to the ground.
“The mother of the child took the child and started yelling: ‘Kar kilim pikinini blo mi ya (a vehicle has just killed my son)’.
“Her screaming provoked some drunkards who were just beside the road and they chased the vehicle, stopped the driver and started punching him.
“One of them stabbed the driver on the chest with a sharp object and he died there.”
Konana said the man’s family retaliated and burnt down nine houses, two of them belonged to the suspect. The National

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