Pacific Games Council slams NZ All Whites slur

The Pacific Games Council has slammed the recent slur on the host country training facilities by the New Zealand All Whites coach Anthony Hudson.
In a NZ local paper the Sunday Star Times recently, Hudson was quoted blasting PNG sub-standard conditions and the crammed schedule at the Pacific Games soccer matches.
In response to questions raised by the media today, the Pacific Games Council President Vidhya Lakhan said, “Like every country, PNG has the usual delays in preparations of game venues however; the New Zealand team should be honoured to even have the chance to partake in our Games for the first time”.
Moreover, Mr Lakhan added that such as any other major sporting event, the host organizes and we don’t complain, we take part.
Furthermore, when it came down to Coach Hudson’s issues with the game schedules, the program was signed off by the Oceania Football Confederation. If it had not been done before, OFC would not have signed off but it has been endorsed as the agreed Olympic qualifiers.
“Moreover, PNG’s invitation to both New Zealand and Australia to begin with, covered only the four sports of sailing, taekwondo, rugby 7’s and weightlifting; it did not even extend to football!" says Lakhan.
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