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Despite Social Media becoming a very essential and effective means of communicating, sharing ideas and stories, it has also created certain Limitations to the users covering all age group.
Mr Robert Maitava of Telikom PNG revealed to the participants at the National Workshop on Modern Technology and Communication in PNG that while there is a multitude of opportunities available through social media, certain key LIMITATIONS have surfaced in the trend of using Social Media.
That includes high levels of illiteracy standing at a whopping 57 percent, cost Limitation, which has seen the usage of Social Media become very expensive while the Infrastructure Limitations sees that not everyone can afford smart phones or access laptops let alone these Limitations actually create barriers for Papua New Guineans to get on these sites to use, making them to be under-educated of what’s happening around them.
He adds that despite Telikom PNG playing a key facilitator role in PNG in terms of Social media through their broadband networks the onus is upon the users of Social media to make it user friendly.

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