Pornography sites are the most popular sites that young adults in PNG spend time on and it is becoming a major concern.
With the Censorship Act 1989 long overdue, the Office of Censorship has revealed that there are no control mechanism in place under the Act and it is time it is reviewed and amended.
For a start the Censorship board has already reviewed the Censorship Act 1989 and are currently working on an Internet Filtering System to control the usage of internet.
Principle Advisor-Mass Media of the Office of Censorship, Mr Robroy Chicki presented his findings at the National Workshop on Modern Technology in PNG and said the lack of national policy to control and regulate the usage of mobile phones in the country has led to Adult Contents or sites becoming very popular especially amongst the younger generation.
He said one way to control this is through mobile phone’s SIM Card registration where the service providers will work together with the Censorship Office to put restrictions on certain sites if the SIM Card owner is a young adult.
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