Progress on the construction work at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium is going very well, with the southern stands now half way complete.
The grass has been well established at this stage on the main field.
Cleaning up and fencing is now being worked on by workers.
For the Games Village, Minister Justine TKATCHENKO says commissioning is now underway, with power and electricity now being installed.
The Taurama Aquatic Centre has had its pool filled up with water, with testing of filtration now underway.
“ The volleyball and netball courts are all looking fantastic and have been completed as well, this is located inside the Taurama Indoor Aquatic Centre,” said the Minister.
The Minister adds that the Bisini Parade is also looking good and this includes the indoor Sir Guise Indoor Stadium.
“ So over the next four weeks, there will only be the cleaning up of all facilities, and this will see the workers and the Organizing committee working extra hard, “ he added. PNGFM
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