Senior Research Fellow and Political Expert at the National Research Institute Dr Ray ANERE told PNGFM that the decision by State Enterprise Minister to declare a 60 day state of Emergency on PNG Power Operations is constitutional and warranted by the gravity of the situations PNG Power is faced with. 
Dr Anere said, Section 226 (c) of the constitution is applicable to the situation PNG Power is faced with and that there is nothing wrong or unlawful as claimed by the Leader of the Opposition and the Member for SineSine, Kerenga Kua. 
Dr. Anere explained that if hundreds of millions of kina is owed to PPL then it is an indication of the extent of the problem (electricity theft) thus evoking the coercive power and apparatus of the state, through the SOE, to recover the monies.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister according to today’s media r reports stated that the SOE is unconstitutional and was reported as summoning the State Enterprise Minster Ben Micah and PNG Power CEO John TANGIT to take “remedial actions”

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