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Soldier killed in attack

A SOLDIER working as a part-time security officer was killed when he disturbed a man trying to steal from their quarters.
Jiwaka provincial police commander Supt Joseph Tondop said the intruder was caught trying to steal from Bunum Wo coffee estate. 
The solider was working as a part time security officer with the company. 
He was attached with the Engineering Battalion based at the Igam Barracks in Lae. 
The incident happened on New Year’s Eve when drunken villagers attacked security guards at the gate between 5am and 6am.
He said the security manager alerted the Banz police who arrived later.
“When we arrived, the drunkards fled and we saw one security guard with a big injury on his leg,” he said.
Tondop said they were going to take the injured guard to the hospital but the deceased, who was going to drive, ran back to the quarters to pick up his cell phone.
“We did not know that one of these drunkards was hiding in the quarters. When the deceased disturbed the intruder from stealing, he got up and fought with him,” he said.
Tondop said the guards and policemen who were waiting at the gate about 100 metres away saw the deceased come out and collapsed in front of them.
A man later surrendered to police and was now locked up in the Hagen police cell.
Meanwhile, he appealed to the councillors and leaders in the Bunum Wo area to control the behaviour of their young people.

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