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Professor Mellam: students must focus on purpose

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea had appealed to the students of UPNG to focus on their key purpose.

Professor Albert Mellam appealed to students after the chaos on campus between the Student Representative Council executives and the entire student body that resulted in a clash.

Professor Mellam said in accordance with the UPNG SRC constitution (section 44) the students successfully conducted a referendum on Monday 07th of July to decide on whether or not to strike action against current legal issues pertaining Paraka layers payments.

The electoral commission conducted the referendum and its decision or declaration is to be based on the SRC constitution which states that an outcome of two thirds (2/3) majority of fulltime students is required in favor or against any strike action.

Meantime the Vice Chancellor is in consultation with the regional student groups to settle the students split issue that occurred on Monday.

He is appealing to the students to refrain from possessions of harmful objects to avoid the worse, and as an intellectual he condemns those actions.

Security at the campus has been tight for couple of days as the fears of staff, students, and the properties were at stake due to the student split.

“We wish to advice the general public and all stake holders that we are maintaining police presence here on campus to protect public properties and mitigate any problems that may potentially arise from the current situation,” Professor Mellam said.

He also appealed to the public to respect students rights which they exercise within the  vicinity of their SRC constitution.

Professor Mellam called on the students now to focus on their purpose which is to prepare themselves now by returning to class to become the good leaders in the future.

He said that our students are our future leaders and we are all compelled to ensure that they are encouraged to focus on their studies.

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