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Pala takes over from Kua

THE Justice Minister and new Attorney General Ano Pala has been urged to continue the good work that the Department of Justice and Attorney Genral has achieved, for which it has been branded as "one of the most productive Government departments for a long while".

Sacked attorney general and Sinasina Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua made this call yesterday after officially handing over the reign to Mr Pala.

He said in his 22 months in office, the department was able to contribute 50 legislations that went through parliament, all with the support and clearance by the department.

"I think we’ve done a lot but there’s more to be done, with my brother and new Attorney General coming in. I may be leaving the chair but I am only a phone call away" he said.

"These are all matters of state interest. We all have an interest in making sure that no matter what happens to us as individuals, the interest of the state must be maintained and kept in harmony so that hand over take over ceremony takes place like this shamelessly and the people – the beneficiaries of the service we provide – don’t feel the impact as we go through this transition period"

Mr Kua stressed this point by quoting a story from Socrates and said: "I don’t know who is going to the better place, whether those of you who are remaining or me who is taking this cup of poison.

"Inferentially, I took him to mean that it is better to die for a cause with your dignity intact then to live in a life of shame and pain continuously"

Mr Pala in reply said he will pick up where Mr Kua had left and assured him that under his leadership they will not deviate from the path he has set.

"I believe that this department represents the foundation of our democracy, it represents the fundamentals upon which our democracy lies," Mr Pala said.
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