Published On:June 30, 2014
Posted by Staff Report

ENB group wants Sweep Team back

THE East New Britain Transparency Advisory has called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to reinstate the Task Force Sweep Team and its chairman Sam Koim.

Chairman Patrick Varagat also urged national leaders to exercise true leadership qualities and refrain from arbitrary decision making processes and place more importance on consultation and the rule of law.

He also called on East New Britain national parliamentatians to publicly state their positions to the people of ENB on where they stand on the current political situation as their people who had mandated them have the constitutional right to know.

In a statement, Mr Varagat said due to the current political turmoil, the quest for autonomy for East New Britain Province should be accorded more importance and further called on provincial leaders at all levels to stand together and demand from the national government, autonomy for East New Britain.

He also said they will not be organising any protest march over the current political events in Port Moresby but added that they supported the peaceful march in Port Moresby and the issues raised by leaders of the march.

Mr Varagat said ENB Transparency Advocacy believes that the issues were now being dealt with through established processes by various institutions such as the government, judiciary, Ombudsman Commission, police and the Attorney General office.

He said he had been pressured to organise a protest march in East New Britain but since the issues were now being dealt with by those institutions, there was no compelling cause for them to organise their people to be involved in any protest


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