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Betelnut still being sold in Port moresby despite ban

Betelnut  is still being sold on the streets of Port Moresby despite the ban. Six months ago the National Capital District board enforced the banning of the ‘green gold’ in the city of Port Moresby.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop who has had enough of the betelnut stains painting the streets purposely introduced the ban to help keep the city clean. And most importantly to get the city ready for the Pacific Games which will start next year.

However despite the ban, vendors still hiding and selling the betelnut in all corners of Port Moresby. The red stains from the betelnut are a common sight in NCD.

The ban was put up in light of the continued ignorance of betelnut chewers and accumulating filth in the entire designated betel nut sites around the city. A massive K2.4 million was spent by NCDC on the betelnut control exercise within two months but nothing has changed ever since.

Mr Parkop blamed the city residents’ careless practice in selling, buying and chewing of betelnut as the major factor forcing NCDC to use such amount in an attempt to change people’s habit in order that they become responsible citizens and their health and the general hygiene of the city is improved.

The citizens of Port Moresby are calling on NCDC to do something about the people who are on deaf ears still selling betelnuts in the streets of Port Moresby.

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