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PNG Deputy Police Commisioner fired, Andrews in

CABINET has sacked Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Simon Kauba for disobeying instructions.
He has been replaced by Assistant Police Commissioner (National Capital District) Jim Andrews who will be acting in that position.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told reporters in Port Moresby that Kauba’s sacking was effective from 2pm yesterday.
“He has been terminated because he has not been complying with instructions that are given to him by the command and control and the acting Commissioner of Police,” O’Neill said.
“And he has been terminated for the interest of the nation.
“We cannot continue to have policemen and women who are employees of the Government running around trying to undermine Government decisions.”
O’Neill said it was important to restore confidence in the police force.
“We will continue to terminate everybody who is going to continue to undermine the work of the Government,” he said.
“This Government has had enough. We are not going to put up with these little games anymore.
“We are going to make sure that we run this country for the good of our people and I think we all have an obligation to do so.”
He expressed the Government’s confidence in the judiciary which he said had been independent and objective in its dealings of trials and issues.
When asked if he was going to make himself available for questioning by police investigating the payment of K71.8 million payment to a law firm, he said he had never been invited to go there.
“I have never been invited to go there except they’ve issued me a warrant.
“Warrants are issued to people who are on the run who have got court orders and they are not complying with court orders,” he said.

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