June 18, 2014

Koim says letter to Kulunga is real


INVESTIGATION Task Force Sweep chairman Sam Koim has confirmed that his letter to Police Commissioner Sir Toami Kulunga implicating Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in the K71.8 million payment to Paul Paraka Lawyers is genuine.
He confirmed this in an interview yesterday with The National just before the Sweep Team was disbanded by O’Neill.
Koim however denied releasing the letter which has been widely publicised in the overseas media and on the internet.
“I’ve seen the contents, yes,” Koim said.
“Unfortunately, it’s gone to the media. Let the world know the truth. But it didn’t come from me.”
The letter prompted police to obtain an arrest warrant for O’Neill.
Koim said in the letter the forensic examination report from Sydney-based Forensic Document Services Pty Ltd confirmed that the signature on the letter dated January 24, 2012, bearing the Prime Minister’s letterhead, name and signature directing payments to Paul Paraka Lawyers was O’Neill’s.
He told Kulunga that “upon reassessing the case in light of the fresh evidence”, O’Neill’s denial of authoring and/or signing the letter of Jan 24, 2012, for the Paraka Lawyers payments “can no longer hold water”.
ONE PNG /The National

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