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A Road Traffic Authority will be set up to administer and regulate land transport in the country.
This follows the passage of the Road Traffic Bill 2013 by Parliament, 78 votes to nil.
The new office will be similar to the what the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited, the Road Safety Council, the National and Provincial Land Transport Boards and some provincial governments are doing, in registering vehicles, collecting vehicle taxes and impose and regulate road safety and standards of land transport.
The Asian Development Bank will help provide technical help, to create the authority.
While debating the Bill, Kikori MP Mark Maipaka warned, that the Government's creation of so many authorities and special agencies is bankrupting the State, when their bosses or Chief Executive Officers are paid huge amounts of money.
Mr. Maipakai says there is no set standard on executives pay, and that a body should be monitoring how much these bosses are paid.
Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko also warned of not creating another white elephant.
Public Service Minister Puka Temu says road authorities must introduce breathalysers on the road, to cut down massive number of accidents.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa told the debate, road safety standards in the country is very low, yet people struggle to meet it.

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