The Rural Electrification program in Bulolo District of Morobe, is developing into more than just an elected member's dream, as contractors start installing 2-hundred power meters in homes and villages in the district.
The district's electrification program comes in four phases.
The first phase is installation of high voltage power sources of 25-KVA for big villages, and 15-KVA for smaller villages.
This will be followed by phase two, which is reducing the high voltage down to low voltage of 240-Volts, through a transformer, which will then be delivered to individual houses, on wooden pine or steel.
The third phase is installing power meters in homes, and the final phase, is installing three light bulbs in each homes - one for the main bedroom, the living room and a security light outside the house.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil says, the electricity program will continue over the years, for power to be made available to everyone in the district.
Mr. Basil also says, equipments and materials purchase under the Rural Electrification Program should be tax-free, if the government is serious about the ambitious electricity program.
Another set of 200 power meters will shortly be flown from Port Moresby to Lae, and then transported by road up to Bulolo.
The Bulolo Joint District and Budget Priorities Committee estimates that up to 4-hundred rural homes in the district, will be powered before December.


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