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Polye, Maipakai axed

The National Government has axed two more of its senior Cabinet members, with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill referring to the moves as, in the interest of stability and preserving the integrity and public confidence in his regime.

In a statement this afternoon, Mr. O'Neill announced the stripping of Treasurer Don Polye and his Labour and Industrial Relations counterpart Mark Maipakai.

Without naming his fault, O'Neil's statement says, the removal of Polye, came as a result of him causing instability, and that his conduct has been an ongoing concern for the Government. 

O'Neil says Polye's sacking is in the best interest of the Government and the country and does not affect the government's major coalition partner THE party, which Polye is the leader. 

O'Neil further says THE Party remains an integral member of his government, although indicating a lack of solidarity within government ranks. 

The decommission of Maipakai follows his arrest and charging by police, a case that is now before the National Court. O'Neil says decision on Maipakai is to preserve the integrity and public confidence in the Government. 

Mr. O'Neil will assume the Treasury portfolio, while his deputy Leo Dion will hold on to the Labour post, until permanent appointments are made. NBC News

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