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Opposition invites Polye

The Opposition has reacted to the sacking of senior Government ministers, Don Polye and Mark Maipakai, throwing an open invitation to join forces with them, as the Opposition watch the government's manoeuvring with keen interest.

Both Ministers were stripped off their portfolios in what the Prime Minister refers to, as a move, in the interest of stability and preserving the integrity and public confidence in his regime.

But Deputy Opposition Leader says the stripping of Mr. Polye, soon after Mr. Duma's axing is a big slap to the government's two major coalition partners, and should not be entertained any longer.

"We see in the past week, William Duma was sacked and now, Don Polye is sacked. 

"Those are two party leaders, very important parties that has contributed to the Alotau Accord and that has contributed to the formation of the government. 

"That's a big slap. 

"This is the third time THE Party has been slapped. 

"First we see the Deputy Prime Minister given to another party man and not THE Party leader. 

"And secondly we see Higher Education Minister, Arore being sacked with Duma and third is Don Polye being sacked. 

"So this is three times.

"THE Party should pack up and move out of government," Mr. Basil said.

Meantime, a wary Mr. Basil says the Opposition wants Mr. Polye to declare all government accounts held in overseas trusts, so there is public scrutiny over the use of these funds under the care of the Prime Minister.

"For example we have 200-million US dollars sitting in Singapore account for the IPIC Loan that was initiated in 2009, and we got many other monies that is being sitting outside of the country that the Treasury Department is responsible of. 

"We would like Don Poliye to make known where those monies are, and we have to keep an eye out for these monies, and we have to protect the country's assests both within and abroad," Basil said.

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