Influx of Asians in PNG's Kavieng Town

Kavieng Town Mayor, Stanley Mansini today announced that Kavieng town is flooded with unexpected and uncontrolled increased influx of Asian origins.

The Mayor wants to receive an updated audit data report of all non national residents working and running business in Kavieng, their name lists, occupation, employer name ,duration of stay and the nature of stay in Kavieng from the Provincial Labour and Industrial Relations office.

The Mayor also wants to see that the National  Department of Labour and Employment to consult the Kavieng Town Authority and establish an understanding with Kavieng Urban Local Level Government Assembly where the Asian Origin control unit must give clearance for any Asian origins seeking employment work permit to work in Kavieng as a condition  to attach with their employment permit application. If no clearance is given by the local Town Authority, their employment work permit must not be issued. Such system will work similar to obtaining Research or Filming permit or visa by foreign Researchers and Film Crews where the Provincial Government, National Research Institute and National Film Institute vet and issue clearances.

Kavieng Urban Local Level Government to set up an Asian employment liaison unit to conduct quality check on Asians coming to work and operate small trading shops in town.

Some Asians obtain their Employment permit to work some where in Kimbe or Kundiawa but tend to sneak in to end up working at stores in Kavieng. He claimed.

The data registry update of non national residents once updated to 31st January 2014, it will clearly assist us to identify who is genuine. Said Mayor Mansini.

The Asia Origin who is and who is intending to open up shops in Kavieng will have to submit their 10 year duration business plan and sign an agreement to contribute towards some community projects and programs. If they cannot meet the conditions, the Kavieng Urban Local Government will not issue Trading Licenses. Meanwhile, he stressed that Investment is needed in Kavieng but our approach is to instil control and monitor system so that Investors participate in sustainable  manner to empower maximum local participation and benefits.

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