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An attempt by former Member for Kariku-Hiri and State Minister Paru Aihi to over-turned a National Court decision which removed him from the hot-seat, has proven unsuccessful before the Supreme Court.

A three-men bench chaired by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi dismissed all grounds this afternoon, Mr. Aihi had brought before the High Court to review.

Paru Aihi was ousted early this year, following a successful election petition by Peter Isoaimo on grounds of bribing voters to win votes. 

But the former state Minister went to the High Court, asking it to review the decision by the lower court.

Mr. Aihi's grounds for review were that the petition by Mr. Isoaimo was allowed into court, even when it did not meet specific criteria's of proving the act of bribery, and that the trial judge made errors in his ruling when he voided his election win. 

A major issue elaborated on by the court was the issue of whether or not to allow issues never presented earlier in trial, to be deliberated later on by the High Court. 

This was after the court found that Mr. Aihi never opposed the petition when it was first started in the National Court. 

But in a unanimous ruling, the court dismissed the review, saying all elements of bribery were proven during trial, and there was no mistake in the trial judge arriving at his decision. 

The High Court's decision means the Kairiku-Hiri electorate will be forced back into a by-election, joining Madang, Angoram, and Gumine electorates.

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