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Witness tells court, children voted

A witness for former West Sepik Governor, Simon Solo, has told a National Court election petition trial, that about 37 children aged between seven and eight, at Mitianap Primary School and Kusanap in Oksapmin, had voted in the 2012 National Elections.

Campaign Manager and Coordinator, Nims Nimol of Waulap village in Oksapmin told the court last Thursday, there were more children who cast their votes, but could only put the figure at 37.

Two policemen from Vanimo, Walter Keino of Miwaute village in Lumi and Senior Constable Danny Mimba, also gave evidence as witnesses for Simon Solo.

Both policemen were part of the security team, deployed to Oksapmin for polling.

Keino testified, that his team arrived in Oksapmin five days after polling had started and saw about 10 to 15 under-aged children vote at the Oksapmin station.

He says, police did nothing about this because they were not armed.

Keino did say however, there were armed soldiers from the P-N-G Defence force at the polling place.

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