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Sellers against Betel nut ban

The proposed betel nut ban in Port Moresby by the National Capital District Governor is being vigorously opposed by the vendors throughout the city.

The National Capital District Commission is expected to impose a complete ban on betel nut selling in the city, as of October 1st.

NCDC with support from Governor Powes Parkop's office has been carrying out a mass media awareness through the advertisements and public notices, that there will be no more selling of betel nut within the confines of the city.

Hundreds of vendors converged on the Unagi Oval at Gordons yesterday , to express their grievances over the matter, with help from a social group, the N-C-D Grassroots Network Foundation.

Trucks load of people especially beetle-nut sellers from all over the city have all gathered at the Unagai Oval as early as 7 o'clock morning to discuss how they can stop the proposed October 1st Buai- Ban in the city from going ahead. 

The aggrieved sellers backed by Grass -Roots Network Foundation claimed , NCDC and Governor Powes Parkop decision to put a total ban on beetle-nut in the city is not a wise decision, and have called on the authorities to re-think their decision, as many middle class and lower in-come earners and grass-roots depend on beetle- nut from day to day to survive in the city.

Authorities have planned to take them out of the city but the sellers say currently there is no market facilities built out there for them to use, therefore they will not move out. 

The betel nut vendors are also looking at taking out a court injunction against the proposed ban.

Meanwhile Powes said the ban will go a head.

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