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Madang Court declares Anton Yagama as duly-elected Member for Usino - Bundi

The National Court in Madang, has declared Anton Yagama, as the duly- elected Member for Usino/ Bundi, after endorsing the final results of the court- ordered recount.

The recount results were presented in court on August 15, by the Electoral Commission, however, a fresh motion filed by the Petitioner, Peter Yama, disputing them, prevented the court's endorsement.

Mr Yama sought orders for the final results of the recount to be discarded and that, he be declared duly- elected.

He argued, that the distribution of preferences at the 37th exclusion in the recount was tainted, in that ballot papers had been tampered with, which had corrupted the result, in favour of Mr Yagama.

However, presiding Judge, Justice David Cannings, in his ruling this afternoon, ordered that all relief's sought by Yama be refused, the recount results from the Electoral Commission be accepted and that Mr. Yagama, is the duly- elected Usino/ Bundi M-P.

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