The signing between Australia and Papua New Guinea to process all Asylum-seekers in Papua New Guinea with Australia is a very short sighted decision by O’Neill in the context of Foreign Policy for Papua New Guinea.

There is a difference between our foreign policy and Australia’s Foreign Policy. The Offshore policy for Australia is not our foreign policy and therefore the act in signing was unwarranted by O’Neill in the first place because it does not serve our peoples’ interest period.

PNG Oppostion Members Photo: PNG Opposition
The Asylum issue is very sensitive because it carries with it, cross cutting issues that needs a more collective and constructive dialogue with the 7.5 million people in our country by way of representation through MPs in Parliament who must debate this issue before any further decision.

Our country is not prepared to accommodate Australia's offshore policy due to a simple fact - we have enough problems on our own and therefore our participation with Australia's Offshore Policy must be reviewed immediately.

The enormity in consequences this country will face as a result of one man's shortsightedness is madness and must not go unnoticed by other MPs in Parliament.

Papua New Guinea, a country made up of 7.5 million people must be given a fair say on how the business of the government is conducted within and outside parliament through our mandated leaders. O’Neill in his last paid advertisement stated that the MPs are mandated by the people of this country and that their rights must be respected.

I therefore ask O’Neill, where and when our people were consulted on the issue of Asylum-seekers under Australia’s Offshore Policy before the signing of the pact.

If O’Neill decides to change or amend our national policies or even a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between two sovereign countries, he must always seek the approval from the citizens of this country in Parliament. 

How much longer will mandated leaders, partners and citizens of this country wait until our much loved country lose its political sovereignty, and if so, is it fair that the country reap the consequences of one man’s decision in the long term?

The O’Neill-Dion Government has again failed its people. There was no debate or consultation on the floor of parliament regarding the latest signing between the government of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

I am very concerned about the manner the PM of this country treats foreign policy. Firstly, the contents of the Extradition Treaty between the Government of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia were not published for public consumption. And yet again, another decision is signed without the consent of our people with scrutiny in Parliament. 

The Opposition have released Media Statements in the media, time and time again that O’Neill is not concerned about the welfare of the people, and yet MPs see fit they continue to support a PM on this issue.

We must ask the question as 7.5 million citizens of this country;
‘Is the signing of the Asylum resettlement between Australia and Papua New Guinea in our best interest?’
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