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PNG Police warned on tinted car

The police hierarchy in the National Capital District has warned police personnel still running around in tinted cars, to remove the tints, or face appropriate discipline.

N-C-D - Central Divisional Commander, Jim Andrews, issued the warning today, saying Police Commissioner, Tom Kulunga, has already issued a directive that police presence be visible, and be felt in public places.

Mr. Andrews says, early instructions have fallen on deaf ears, with many officers, still using tinted cars.

He says, they will start inspecting every vehicle, in all the stations.

" I've given the warning order, and I have given the instruction to Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa and his OIC Traffic Mr Koliali, we'll start work on it.

"I've given warning order to the rank and file that it is coming.

"You better start cleaning it.

"If you don't, the Metropolitan Superintendent and his OIC traffic will come down," Mr. Andrews said.

The same process will apply to all the directors, who have a government owned vehicle, and private companie,s contracted to helping the force with cars.

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