February 5, 2013

Opposition will fight PNG government's "power grab"


The Papua New Guinea government is under fire from the opposition for further strengthening the powers of the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neil, by extending the grace period during which a no-confidence motion cannot be called.
Ninety MPs have backed the move to stretch the grace period from 18 months to 30 after the election of a Prime Minister, with only 14 opposition members voting against it.
Mr O'Neil told parliament his government must be given up to two and a half years to demonstrate that it can deliver improvments to roads, schools and hospitals, areas which he says are in bad shape as a result of prolonged instability.
But the opposition leader Belden Namah is planning a court challenge to the new law, which he says is solely designed to keep Mr O'Neil in power and will only lead to increased corruption.

Radio Australia.

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