Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, says the Government will be looking at strengthening the country's defamation laws, to protect those who have been defamed through the media.

Mr. O'Neill announced this in Parliament during Question Time, after Moresby North East MP, Labi Amaiu, raised concerns over recent reports of bribery levelled against him, by a local newspaper.

The newspaper reported that Mr. Amaiu was part owner of the Port Moresby Rugby Club, and that the purchase was done through scrupulous deals.

However, Mr. Amaiu refuted the allegations, and accused the media for the misinformation, that lacked proper research and investigations.

He said there is no regulation in place to control the conduct of the media, and to also protect people, including MPs from such reports.

Prime Minister O'Neill says, when the defamation law is tightened, everyone will be held accountable:
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