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Minister of Treasure, Don Polye on LLG Presidents

Minister for Treasury, Don Polye is supporting the proposed change to the election of the Local Level Government or LLG Presidents.

Minister Polye says, the new strategy aims to improve public service delivery.

It will also ensure LLG Presidents report directly to the people, as the change also gives the mandate to the people to make their Presidents perform as expected.

The Minister says, as 2013 is the Year of Implementation, he urged in-coming LLG Presidents to focus on how to implement their projects.

Mr Polye says, to see changes in LLG, presidents must be proactive and not to allow issues such law and order to be excuse for not delivering government servcies.

He says, the change will improve transparency, service delivery, and produce more quality leadership to provide good governance, and will make Presidents more responsible for their decisions.

Minister Polye stressed that improvement funding to the LLG Presidents in the 2013 budget aims to empower leaders at the micro level to direct growth in their communities, and promote good governance to ensure funding is prudently managed and used.

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