Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea

Gulf Provincial Flag

Gulf Province
General Information
Provincial headquarters: Kerema
Number of districts: 2 - KeremaKikori

Number of LLGs: 10

Number of wards: 150
About Gulf

The Gulf of Papua dominates the centre of Gulf Province, which

stretches along the southern coast of the mainland. The Great Papuan Plateau lies in the west 
of the province while a number of rivers including the Turama, Kikori and Purari all converge in 
large delta area on the coast. The Albert and Stanithorp Ranges are in the east of the province. 
Some high incomes can be made from selling food and betel nut in the markets in Port Moresby, 
otherwise most incomes in the province are low to moderate.  Some forestry operations and the
 Kikori-Kutubu Oil pipeline provide limited wages. Income-earning opportunities could increase with
 the Liquefied Natural Gas

Project. A road runs from Kerema to Port Moresby, but the quality is poor between Kerema and Malalaua. 
Instead, many people use sea transport, often in dangerous conditions. New road developments around 
Kikori and leading up to Lake Kutubu in Southern Highlands will serve the planned Liquefied Natural Gas Project, 
which may increase transport infrastructure in the area



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