New Oro Kaiva Market Opens for Business

The people of Oro welcomed the new Oro Kaiva Market at the heart of Popondetta town on Monday 06th, September. The market boasts a much larger space compared to the old Town Market, and brand-new facilities that would not look out place larger cities such as Port Moresby and Lae.

Oro province is known for its volcanic rich soil that grows some of the best crops in country, including its well-known Oro taro and red bananas. For years, Farmers from all over the province transported their produce to the Popondetta to sell at the old Town main market.

The main market has seen better days and has struggled with its aging facilities and infrastructure. This has in turn caused it to be shut on many occasions, leaving the farmers frustrated and much of their produced gone to waste or sold at lower prices than expected.

Working hand in hand with the Northern Province Resources Limited (Provincial Government Business Arm) HQH Limited have built a state-of-the-art market for the people of Oro. This initiative was made possible through a Public Private Partnership arrangement with the Provincial Government.

The Oro Kaiva Market was received as a gift to the people of Oro to commemorate the country’s 46th Independence Anniversary. It was officially opened for business yesterday (Tuesday 07th September). 

The gate takings fees will be received as revenue for the Business Arm, while Security and Waste Management will be contracted to the former Land Owners from Kakandetta. 

In the long run, the main business district area of Popondetta Town will be declared as a Central Business District, and sectioned out to the former Land Owners of Popondetta to participate in town cleaning and Security Contracts.

This arrangement will enable the Land Owners of Kakandetta, Isuga and Puhemo to free up their Customary Land through Physical Planning Zone arrangements in partnership with the NPRL so that the Popondetta Town Boundaries can be expanded.

In officially opening the new Oro Kaiva Market, Governor Juffa thanked HQH for a great partnership with the Provincial Business arm that has resulted in this amazing new facility for the province.

“We want all investors to give back to the province one way shape or form. The Provincial Business arm is here for that purpose. To work together with businesses that are investing in our province.”

“Oro has always been seen as Agriculturally rich, with a diverse range of garden foods, and soil so rich with nutrients that literally any crop can be grown in it.”

“It has always been this Government’s focus to equip our people with relevant skillsets to sustainably farm their land and also provide the best facilities for them to sell their produce at competitive prices. This is not just limited to garden crops but also commodities such as cocoa, coffee and vanilla to name a few.” Juffa said.

“Today we open these new facilities that will cater for all our people, young and old alike to enjoy and use. The challenge now is to respect and take care of what has been entrusted to us. It is a gift given freely... therefore, we must do our very best to be good custodians of the market. We must do this because it will help sustain our livelihood on a daily basis.” Juffa concluded.


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