PM Marape Challenges Central People to be Food Suppliers for Port Moresby City

The people of Central Province have been challenged to be the food supplier for Port Moresby.

Prime Minister James Marape says there is so much potential in the agricultural products that the province and people can offer.

He was speaking at the conclusion of the three days inaugural Agro Tourism show in Kwikila, Rigo district over the weekend.

The Prime Minister did not mix his words when he told the people of Central province, they were the closest to the one million mouths in Port Moresby.

Mr. Marape told the people, that is where they supply their products and make money from.

He's commended Governor Robert Agarobe for incorporating the Agro tourism sector for the province.

PM Marape announced a K500,000 price and freight subsidy to assist the farmers of Central Province in supplying Port Moresby with fresh produce. 

The Prime Minister officially closed the inaugural three day Central Province Agro tourism on Sunday, in Kwikila, Rigo district. 


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