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China to give COVID-19 Vaccines to Papua New Guinea

CHINESE ambassador Xue Bing to Papua New Guinea  has reaffirmed that his government’s decision to support PNG’s anti-pandemic efforts including donating Covid-19 vaccines.

Xue said the Chinese government would donate 100,000 doses.

“I’ve been talking to the health department for the procedures to get approval for the PNG government,” he said.

“We hope the vaccine could be here as soon as possible, so that people can get injection to protect themselves.”

Xue said since the Covid-19 outbreak, both nations had been working together to fight the virus.

Last week, National Pandemic Controller David Manning told The National that they were working with Australia on what vaccine was best for PNG.

“The National Control Centre continues to provide that dialogue between PNG and Australian authorities as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO),” Manning said.

He said PNG could expect the vaccine around April, but the timeline depended on Australia’s vaccination programme for the Pacific island nations.

Australia began vaccinating its citizens yesterday, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison one of the first to get the injection.

Health secretary Dr Osborne Liko told the Australian Broadcasting Commission earlier that four vaccines had been recommended for use in Papua New Guinea.

In January, the Australian government promised to provide US$111 million (K299.76mil) for Covid-19 vaccination in PNG over three years, as part of its initiative to support governments in the Asia-Pacific region.

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