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82 Ni-Vanuatu RSE workers prepare to leave for New Zealand

 New Zealand High Commissioner, Jonathan Schwass had the opportunity to brief around 82 Recognised Seasonal Employer workers who will be travelling to NZ tomorrow (Thursday

Tommy George from Emau is one of the workers.

He said this will be his seventh time working in NZ since the programme began.

George said he thinks resuming the RSE programme is a blessing as it will financially help many Ni-Vanuatu like him during these difficult times.

“It’s difficult to secure a job here with Covid-19 restrictions, but I am pleased that NZ and Vanuatu government have resumed the programme so we can return and help our families financially” said George in a NZ High Commission.

The 82 workers who will depart tomorrow are amongst the next 162 workers who will return to NZ in the coming days.

Photo supplied NZ High Commission Caption: High Commissioner, Jonathan Schwass briefing the workers   

Source: NZ High Commission

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