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Man kills his Mother over a K1 in PNG's Hela Region

Police in Papua New Guinea's Hele region are  are questioning a man  who allegedly stabbed his mother to death after she refused to give him K1 to buy drugs.

According to the local newspaper The National , the man was brought to the  region's  police station in Tari  by relatives before he could run away.

Thousands of Tourists visit Hela Province every year to see Hela Wigmen

He said the incident occurred at Piripu village just outside Tari town.

The man allegedly stabbed his mother several times.

“Relatives and bystanders overpowered the suspect when he tried to escape and brought him to the Tari police station,” he said.

“According to his relatives, the young man was a frequent marijuana smoker and when his request for K1 to buy the packed dried marijuana was rejected, he (allegedly) killed his mother in frustration.

“(Officers of) the Criminal Investigation Division are working on the case.”

Chief Insp Agwi was informed of the case while he was briefing his section heads and members of the defence force about their preparations for the Christmas/New Year operation.

“Many awareness on the dangers of smoking marijuana have been carried out but people, especially youths, are still smoking the illicit drug which is destroying their ability to make good judgements,” Chief Insp Agwi said.

He said police and soldiers would start the Christmas operation today and would focus on marijuana sellers and consumers.

Police have also warned illegal liquor operators in the province that they would be targeted.

People have also been warned to stay at home from 10pm to 5am.

Meanwhile, police have visited Kakarane village in Koroba-Kopiago where a tribal conflict left four people dead.

“The biggest issue we have is logistic.

“It is the main hindrance to police work. We need support,” Chief Insp Agwi said.

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