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PNG National Examinations Dates and 2020 Academic Year term dates revised

The Papua New Guinea  Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy has issued directions for schools to return to normal by the 9th June 2020.

Consequently, the Secretary has issued administrative instructions to all schools under the National Education System on the resumption of classes, revised term dates and national examination dates.

All schools have been instructed to resume normal classes and lessons as of June 9, 2020.

This means, all programmed and timetabled teaching and learning activities per day and per week must be covered every week from Monday to Friday.

All schools must review and reprogram teaching and learning programmes to cover lost lessons by adding additional periods, including takeaway homework and other suitable strategies.

Internal assessment dates can be adjusted accordingly.

The revised School Term dates for the remainder of the 2020 academic year are as follows:

Terms Revised Dates No. of Weeks Term Breaks

Term 2 May 04-July 10 10 weeks 13-17 July

Term 3 July 20-Sep 25 10 weeks 28 Sep-02 Oct

Term 4 Oct. 05-Dec 11 10 weeks 14 Dec '20– 29 Jan, '21)

Meanwhile, the national examination dates have been revised as per the table below:

Examination New Date Extended By:

Grade 10 2 July 2020 4 weeks

Written Expression

Grade 12 Aug 17, 2020 2 weeks

Written Expression

Grade 10 Oct 19-23, 2020 2 weeks


Grade 12 Oct 26-30. 2020 2 weeks


Grade 8 Nov 2-5, 2020 2 weeks


Schools are also directed to comply with the “New NORMAL” corona virus prevention and control protocols.

Directions in the Ministerial Policy Statement (MPS) No. 4/2020 and Secretary’s Circular Instructions No. 5/2020 will remain in force from now and onwards.

Schools, parents and the general public is asked to email any queries related to these changes to: enquiries@education.gov.pg.

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